2015年4月刊 That’s Shanghai 的封面故事聚焦上海滑板文化,值得一读。其中有我的一小段采访,文中配图有三张也使用了我拍的照片。
I got covered with the April issue of That’s Shanghai’s cover story – “Flipping Out”. I also contributed 3 photos for the article.

Once upon a time, extreme sports were the domain of a brave few. Well that is no more. These days, activities like skateboarding and freerunning have become almost commonplace, and fully entered the urban landscape of most metropolises, Shanghai included.

So we went out to talk with the people taking to the city as if it were their own playground area. Turns out they aren’t just cool kids, but serious athletes making great leaps forward (see what we did there?) for action sports in the PRC. Curious to know more? Turn to p52 and get on board for some serious action.






That’s Shanghai


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