Shanghai’s Most Fashionable Men

One more interview on That’s Shanghai 2015 September issue.




How is Shanghai’s Skating scene?

Amazing. Shanghai is the capital of skateboarding in China. Most skateboarding brands have their head- quarters here, and there are so many pros in the city – Chinese, Americans and Europeans. It’s great to be here if you’re into skating.

Favorite places to skateboard in town?

SMP Skatepark and the Place in Pudong. If it’s raining I go to a mini indoor skatepark in Puxi, owned by skateboard- ing company ATD. I only go once a week now, as I have
an 18-month-old baby – I’ve had to adapt to his routine, you know.

Are you going to teach him how to skateboard?

Yes. I’ve already started to bring him with me when I go practicing. I put him on the board and we cruise together. He seems to enjoy it a lot.

How would you describe your style?

Skateboarding has a lot of different style categories: hip- ster – skinny jeans and flat caps – hip-hop – baggy shirts and trousers – and punk – the odd chain here and there, plus more skinny jeans. I like to think of myself as quite neutral. I don’t belong to a specific group. I like to keep it simple – white tees, shorts and original, neat design.

You were in a video in all Shanghai taxis a while back. What was that about?

The hat is Brixton, which is my favorite hat company, from California. The t-shirt is Vans and the shorts are from local skater brand Helas. The socks are Volcom and the shoes are a collaboration between Vans and Anti Hero, another favorite brand of mine. The board is Lady Skateboards from my friend Yuan Fei in Qingdao.

You were in a video in all Shanghai taxis a while back. What was that about?

I collaborated with advertising agency Anomaly,
which did and is still doing this video series called ‘Unreasonable,’ showcased in cabs across six Chinese cit- ies. It profiles different people around the country who are ‘unreasonable’ in the sense that they’ve broken the rules, or done something different with their lives. They chose me as I quit a safe job at Apple to start KickerClub, my skateboarding site, 15 years ago, and have been pro- moting skating culture in the country ever since – pretty unreasonable for China!


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