CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA 2012 Skate Deck Art – customized collectibles presented by Skullcandy. Shanghai Party & TWS “THE CINEMATOGRAPHER PROJECT” premiere party – Skullcandy Office, July 25.
沸点滑板SDA 2012滑板板面艺术—定制收藏系列由Skullcandy为您呈现,上海盛大PARTY暨TWS首映PARTY—Skullcandy办公室 7月25日顺利举办.

SDA (Skate Deck Art) is a joint project by and Core Power Asia from 2010 to 2012. Sponsored by Challenge Skateboards and Skullcandy.

Artworks of emerging and well known artists, graffiti and urban artists, tattoo artists, athletes from all over the world, all this and more was on display during the CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA exhibition tours across China mainland and Hongkong, in prestigious locations such as the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, or as part of high profile events like the Asia X Games.

In addition to art on skateboards, SDA showcased site-specific installations to represent a spectrum of artists from three continents, who’s individual works blend the border between skateboarding and art; exploring new modes of experiencing a lifestyle while bringing the art to a wider public audience.

SDA (滑板板面艺术展)是从2010至2012期间举办的,由沸点滑板冠名赞助,Skullcandy全力支持的年度滑板板面艺术展。



CHALLENGE SKATEBOARDS SDA 2012 presented by Skullcandy comprises of 34 artworks by 31 artists including ANDC, Maxime “S3” Archambault, CEET, Thierry Chow, ESOW, Matthew Faulkner, Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano, Sonya Fu, GAS, Phil Hayes, janesnation, Jlee Ho Lam, Shann Larsson, Pierre-Étienne Massé, Mark Mi, NOISE, NOMATTSLAND, Pan Yulong and Wu Yirong, Miles “Mlo Tomtom” Pasick, Miguel Payano, Mark Ryan, SEVEN, Shen Jing Dong, Shigeru Ishihara and Wang Lei, Wang Si Jia, Wong Tinyan, Peter Yuill , Zhan Wei and 96k.

沸点滑板SDA 2012由Skullcandy为您呈现将展出31位艺术家的34幅作品,参展艺术家包括:ANDC、Maxime “S3” Archambault、CEET、Thierry Chow、ESOW、Matthew Faulkner、Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano、傅敏儿、水鬼、Phil Hayes、janesnation、李皓霖、Shann Larsson、Pierre-Étienne Massé、Mark Mi、NOISE、NOMATTSLAND、潘云龙和吴易容、Miles “Mlo Tomtom” Pasick、Miguel Payano、Mark Ryan、SEVEN、沈敬东、Shigeru Ishihara和王磊、王思佳、王天仁、Peter Yuill 、湛为,以及刘铮。















SDA 2012 Skullcandy


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