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RadcollectorHighsnobiety 同属于 Titel Media 传媒集团, 是来自于纽约的专注于极限运动的资讯网站。自2010年5月起我受邀为 Radcollector 撰写专栏,报道关于极限运动在中国的最新资讯。
Radcollector is the newest addition to the Titel Media family and focus on action sports arean. I was invited to wrote an column on since 2010.



The newest addition to the Titel Media family, RadCollector will extend HighSnob’s discriminating editorial into the action sports arena. Dedicated to a full spectrum of product coverage ranging from exclusive releases and collaborations to the best of in line offerings, RadCollector will also feature films and videos, event news, and interviews pertaining but not limited to skate, snow, surf, road, and bmx.

With both an overwhelming demand by consumers as well as an incessant stream of product that is often overlooked by the current media cycle, RadCollector will aim to bridge the gap between endemic and mainstream action sports media by providing content that is engaging for core enthusiasts and casual participants alike.

RadCollector will also bring together a diverse group of athletes, industry veterans, product specialists and retailers as columnists who will provide additional depth to its unique brand of content.


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