ISPO BEIJING展会将于2014年迎来第十次盛大亮相。为了庆祝进入助推亚洲运动用品市场的第十年,ISPO BEIJING将摄像机镜头对准中国户外、雪类和极限运动行业的代表人物,这十位人物用他们朴实却激励人心的话语,成就了“ISPO十年与你共成长”系列片,以震撼人心的力量鼓舞这个行业的每个人坚持不懈勇敢前进,一同纪念属于自己的“十年”成长与感悟。
Proudly to be featured in the 10 Years with ISPO: ISPO BEIJING Launches 10th Anniversary Videos.
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KickerPick是我的滑板网站KickerClub.com上的一个视频栏目. 视频都是我自己拍摄剪辑的, 内容围绕滑板及周边 – 产品,店铺,活动,人.最新一期拍的是好朋友,Vans X Vagabond Skateboards职业滑手王汇丰.
My latest video work, introducing one of the best Chinese pro skater, my best friend – Cyres Wang.
KickerPick is a video program on my skateboard website All the videos be filmed and edited by myself.

“芬兰革新设计周”的赞助商之一 – 芬兰航空公司 为我们在赫尔辛基机场拍摄的一段宣传视频.
Mr. and Mrs. Zan, the design ambassadors of Radical Design Week, visited Finland this August. Flying with Finnair from Shanghai to Helsinki and thereafter to Rovaniemi they saw the whole cavalcade of Finnish design. At the beautiful Helsinki-Vantaa airport they got to experience the Finnair and Suvanto Lounges, and got to shop for Marimekko, Iittala and Angry Birds. Check out their journey!
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HTC与国内知名科技网站ifanr.com合作为最新旗舰机 ONE X 造势. 因为这部机器最大卖点是它功能超强的摄像头, 所以ifanr找到我为这部机器作了一个详细的评测. 我还用这部手机拍摄了一个超慢镜的滑板短片…
The best point-of-sale for HTC One X is the camera. Check the full review video above and the super slow motion skate video be made by One X blow.
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