我太太是广告人, 自由撰稿人. 最近刚刚换了新的iPhone5C (之前临时用了几个月 Galaxy S3, 再之前是 iPhone4). 因为她对科技一点也不感冒, 更不会追赶什么数码潮流, 所以她是一个极佳的普通使用者样本. 晚上散步的时候我对她作了一个小采访, 来听听她选择 iPhone5C 的理由. 还有她怎么看 Android 与 iOS, 怎么看 iOS6 与 iOS7, 怎么看 Apple 与 Google.
My wife is a copywriter and freelance writer. She has just switched back to iPhone5C from Galaxy S3. I think she is a perfect example of of a normal customer, not a geek, not a Google fan or Apple fan. I did an interview with her some day after dinner, and tried to find out what made she choose the iPhone5C.
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Why iPhone5C